I'm a happy, energetic, coffee-loving, photographer.


I’m based in Central Iowa but love to travel. So, take me to your

favorite place. I focus on families (anywhere form 2 people - 20+), milestone sessions & seniors with a splash of maternity and weddings.

OH and I also love babies. I love photographing babies, holding babies, all the baby things. My job is the best- I get to hold all of the sweet babies, but then hand them right back over when they start to cry. ;)


I’m obsessed with dogs, I have two of my own at home. If you have a dog, PLEASE BOOK A SESSION! I’ll try not to steal it when I leave.

I love a good Netflix or Hulu tv series, a box of glaze donuts,

 the game phase 10, country music & lots of time with my family.


Photography is my passion. Each and every session is different and has its own story to tell. From the way your little one curls up in your lap, twirls your hair and the tiny fingers that trace your face to the baby shark dances, silly faces and big group hugs. I want to capture every fleeting moment so that one day you can look back and remember the tiny details that we all so easily forget.